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GB12 for Tinnitus

For most acupuncturist, it’s new to use GB12 for tinnitus. This blog will introduce the novel use of GB12 for tinnitus. 1. Introduction on Tinnitus Tinnitus refers to an individual’s perception of sound in the absence of an external acoustic stimulus. Globally, 10–15 % of the general population is affected by the disease, sometimes even […]

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A research team from the Chengdu University of TCM just published there an intriguing study on JAMA Internal Medicine, that true acupuncture showed beneficial effect as an adjunctive treatment for Chronic Stable Angina (CSA). In the 20-week randomized clinical trial with 404 patients carried out in 5 hospitals in China within 3 years. The subjects received […]

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Military Pingheng Acupuncture

Militær Akupunktur blev grundlagt af professor Wang Wen Yuan (1945~ ), professor på Beijing University of TCM ogChef på National Military Balance Acupuncture Training Centre. Prof. Wang har en omfattende erfaring med behandling af skader, opstået i forbindelse med militær træning. Ping Heng blev I starten udelukkende anvendt i forbindelse med militærets sundhedsordninger, og takket […]

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Introduction In Shang Hang Lun or Discussion on Cold Damage, Pi (痞) or glomus refers to the condition featured with distention or fullness, pain and other discomforts in the stomach and chest region. There are 11 different patterns in Pi disease, which covers the common conditions of digestive system disorders with the characteristic of the […]

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近日,丹麦主流媒体《Weekendavisen》(周末新闻)发表了专栏记者彼得·哈姆森 (Peter Harmsen) 的观点文章。文章开头介绍了中国医疗队援助沙特首都利雅得抗击新冠肺炎(Covid-19)的新闻。该医疗队由流行病、呼吸科、急诊、和中医科的专家组成。随后该文章简要介绍了中医药在抗击疫情的卓越贡献。 “中医有着悠久的抗疫历史。在此次新冠肺炎的防治中,不光在中国扮演了中药角色,也在国外起到了积极的作用。” 随后,文章回顾了中医在非典时期的地位,也提到了中医药的使用率从非典时期的52%提高到了新冠疫情的85%(国内官方数据为95%)。 文章引用了多为国际学者对中医抗疫的看法,比如美国西北大学 Helen Tilley、霍普金斯大学的 Hanson, 贝尔法斯特女王大学的 Mike Clark等。这些学者都认为中医药不光可以减轻新冠肺炎的症状,还可以预防病毒以及治疗对肺、肾等重要脏腑得损伤。 Peter Harmsen 是研究中国与亚洲的知名学者。他在东亚工作超过20年,曾任多家世界主流媒体,诸如法新社、彭博社、经济时报的专栏作家。他出版了两本与中国相关的著作,《上海1937:扬子江上的斯大林格勒》与《南京1937:万劫之城的战争》。 原文报道链接

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本草中国 ben cao zhong guo

记录中国本草最好的纪录片,又CCTV出品。 第一集:时间/ Episode 1. Time第二集:年华/ Episode 2. Age第三集:双面/ Episode 3. Double Side第四集:境界/ Episode 4. Realm第六集:根脉/ Episode 5. Root and Connection第七集:新生/ Episode 7. New Born第八集:沉浮/ Episode 8. Ups and Downs第九集:有情/ Episode 9. Love第十集:责任/ Episode 10. Responsibility

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Li Dong Yuan

Wang et al​(Zhao-Yi et al. 2020)​ from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine extracted and analyzed the wind-dispelling herbs prescribed by Li Dong-Yuan (李东垣) and many doctors of his school i.e. the Earth Supplementing School (补土派). Data mining showed that there were 23 wind-dispelling medications that were prescribed with a frequency of ≥ 60. The mainly […]

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我的博客,5月6日,丹麦媒体报道中医抗疫 China Daily, Mar, 21. TCM plays big role in fighting COVID-19 the Lantern, April 1., COVID-19: HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PRACTITIONERS CGTV, Feb, 28: The lockdown: One month in Wuhan Video on Youtube WHO:Clinical Protocols for the Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 V7 WHO:China national experts share COVID-19 experiences with international community Annals of Chinese […]

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Chailingtang i.e. Xiao Chai Hu Tang (小柴胡汤) and Wu Ling San (五苓散) come from Shang Han Za Bing Lun and are frequently used to treat the coexistence of Taiyang exterior symptoms and internal damp symptoms in the digestion system. A research team from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shandong University carried out network pharmacology […]

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