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Tag: Anti-Inflammatory acupuncture

Source: Ekaterina Pesheva, HMS Communications, The Harvard Gazette, August 12, 2020 A team of researchers led by neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School has successfully used acupuncture to tame systemic inflammation in mice. In the study, published Aug. 12 in Neuron, acupuncture activated different signaling pathways that triggered either a pro-inflammatory or an anti-inflammatory response in animals […]

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Among several biological correlates that may explain the principle of acupuncture, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is frequently considered to be a mediator of acupuncture stimulation because it can interconnect external somatosensory inputs with internal organ responses via the central neural networks. Sympathetic and the parasympathetic nerves broadly regulates the functions of internal organs, which […]

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