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转自 國立故宮博物院 Facebook账号 和太極拳一樣,八段錦也是廣為流傳的健身法。八段錦由八種功法集錦組成,內容包括肢體運動和氣息調理,姿勢分站、坐兩種,站式要求雙腳與肩同寬,坐式要求盤膝正坐,配合舌抵上顎、意守丹田等細節,每種動作反覆多次。Eight Pieces of Brocade” and Tai chi are widespread forms of exercise for the Chinese.  Eight Pieces of Brocade” is named after eight exercises that are “woven” together into a single “brocade.” The contents include physical exercises as well as breathing regimens. Positions taken include both standing and seated. The former requires the […]

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Bamai Qigong

Bamai Qigong i.e. eight channels Qigong refers to the combination of the Eight Trigrams, Eight Brocades Qigong, and the eight extraordinary channels in Chinese Medicine. The Eight Brocades Qigong was induced to the hospitals in Wuhan and other cities for the infected patients with mild symptoms and those who are isolated at home. Once Qi […]

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