Tag: Electric Acupuncture (EA)


A research team from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine detected the effect of electro-acupuncture (EA) at Lianquan (CV23) on swallowing and swallowing-related(SR) interneuron in ventrolateral medulla (VLM ). Their findings suggested that EA could regulate the swallowing function via activating the SR interneurons in VLM under the physiological condition​(Ye et al. 2019)​ . Original Abstract […]

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wrist pain

Interesting case: a professional drummer come with right hand chronic pain due to playing too much drum. Lots of Ashi point around the right wrist, and two points left ankle about the locations of ki6 and bl62. The tender pain on the ankle became much less after I put needles around the wrist!When I add […]

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