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A Brazilian research group from State University of Campinas presently published their research on acupuncture for odontalgia (toothache)​(de Almeida et al. 2019)​. The RCT clinic trail found out that acupuncture was more effective in reducing odontalgia than the dipyrone and that it could be an alternative for odontalgia management. Open Access Read more

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Acupuncture improved motor performance in a rat disuse model

A Brazilian research team reported that acupuncture and electrical stimulation, combined or not, had beneficial effect on motor performance following early developmental disuse​(Zanella, Gutierres, and Stigger 2019)​. Original Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of scalp acupuncture and electrostimulation, combined or not, in a disuse model consisted of early sensorimotor […]

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