Here is a list of books published by Dr. Hui Zhang

1. Extraordinary Acupoints: Atlas of Applications


Extraordinary Acupoints (EA) are defined as acupoints that have a specific location and indication but are not included in the nomenclature system of the 14 channels (12 primary channels, Du and Ren). This is the first atlas of applications on EA with fine illustration and annotation. Although there are more than 2000 EA, a large part of them is hardly used. I studied a large number of traditional literature and modern research to screen the practical acupoints in the clinic.

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2. Bamai Qigong 2nd (English)

Bamai Qigong (八脈氣功), i.e. Eight Channels Qigong, refers to the integration of the Eight Trigrams, Baduanjin (Eight Brocades) Qigong, and the eight extraordinary channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The idea of writing the book came to me after finishing an advanced Eight Brocades Medical Qigong course in 2019. In this course, I tried to combine the eight extraordinary channels in TCM and the Eight Trigrams to clarify the definition, dynamic/movement, and use of Qi. The participants gave me lots of positive feedback, which inspired me to write down my understanding of Qigong from the perspective of TCM.

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3. Bamai Qigong Dansk


Bamai Qigong, dvs. otte meridianer Qigong henviser til integrationen af Ba Gua (Otte Trigrammer), Baduanjin (Otte Brokader) Qigong og Ba Mai (otte ekstraordinære meridianer) i kinesisk medicin (KM). Ideen om at skrive bogen kom til mig, efter at jeg var færdig med et avanceret kursus i Otte Brokader Medicinsk Qigong. På dette kursus forsøgte jeg at kombinere de otte ekstraordinære meridianer i kinesisk medicin og de Otte Trigrammer for at tydeliggøre definitionen, dynamikken / bevægelsen af Qi og brugen af Qi. Deltagerne gav mig masser af positiv feedback, som inspirerede mig til at nedskrive min forståelse af Qigong ud fra et Kinesisk Medicinsk perspektiv.

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