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A research team from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Suguang Hospital, Ruijing Hospital and Shanghai Jiaotong University reviewed the integrated […]

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据中国网讯,此次国内新冠肺炎确诊病例中,有74187人使用了中医药,占91.5%,其中湖北省有61449人使用了中医药,占90.6%。临床疗效观察显示,中医药总有效率达到了90%以上。中医药能够有效缓解症状,能够减少轻型、普通型向重型发展,能够提高治愈率、降低病亡率,能够促进恢复期人群机体康复。 阅读原文:链接 According to the state statistic, 74,187 infected patients were treated with solely or partially Chinese Medicine (CM), accounting […]

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